Honouring Michael “Mack Snider”

Last Thursday night after Practice, the club held a BBQ and fun evening to honour the retirement of Club stalwart and legend Michael “Mack Snider”.

With Mack’s help, we were able to relive Mack’s history at the Club which began around 1983.

Mack served in many roles for the Club, but was unique in the fact – that he was a one Club player for some 40 years.

At the young age of 97, Mack has decided that his friends (the Black Classic II bowls have rolled far enough), and it is time to final put his feet up.

As a tribute to Mack, Mack was able to sit in the middle of the Green (his home away from home) and Club members formed a  “Circle of Friends” and recapped their special times with him.

His name will live on forever with the  Perpetual Mack Snider Award  to be awarded each year to the member who possess the following qualities:

  • Willingness to be involved.
  • Be understanding and compassionate
  • Be humble and polite
  • Be humorous
  • Be accepting of others, their beliefs, ideas and values
  • Have a positive attitude